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Lone Star Access, Inc is your “One Stop Source”
For Accessibility Assistance in the State of Texas

  • TDLR and Texas Accessibility Standards Requirements

  • Architectural Barriers Project Registration Number

  •  Accessibility Plan Reviews

  • Preliminary Plan Reviews

  • Accessibility Inspections

  • Site Surveys and Building / Facility Surveys

  • Expert Witness Services

Your project is reviewed for compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards, effective March 15, 2012

Reference Administrative Rules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 68, and the Texas Government Code, Chapter 469, 
Elimination of Architectural Barriers Act.


Effective August 01, 2020

Rule Change Related to Accessible Parking Signage and Markings Effective August 1, 2020

Beginning Aug. 1, 2020, a new rule relating to markings and signage required for Accessible Parking Spaces goes into effect:  Rule 68.104 (Texas Administrative Code).  Therefore, all projects registered with TDLR on or after August 1, 2020 must comply with the rule, as well as Texas Accessibility Standards requirements related to parking spaces.  Any new or alteration construction projects that begin on or after August 1, 2020 (including those that do not meet the $50,000 threshold requiring registration with TDLR), must ALSO satisfy the rule IF they include accessible parking requirements.  Please call our office with any questions at 512/238-8675.
Rule 68.104 is available on TDLR’s Elimination of Architectural Barriers webpage.  See the text below:
68.104. Accessible Parking Spaces.  (New section effective August 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 5166)
(a) A paved accessible parking space must include:
    (1) the International Symbol of Accessibility painted conspicuously on the surface in a color that contrasts the pavement;
    (2) the words "NO PARKING" painted on any access aisle adjacent to the parking space. The words must be painted:
        (A) in all capital letters;
       (B) with a letter height of at least twelve inches, and a stroke width of at least two inches; and
       (C) centered within each access aisle adjacent to the parking space; and
   (3) a sign identifying the consequences of parking illegally in a paved accessible parking space. The sign must:
       (A) at a minimum state “Violators Subject to Fine and Towing” in a letter height of at least one inch;
       (B) be mounted on a pole, post, wall or freestanding board;
     (C) be no more than eight inches below a sign required by Texas Accessibility Standards, 502.6; and
      (D) be installed so that the bottom edge of the sign is no lower than 48 inches and no higher than 80 inches above ground level.
(b) A parking space identification sign that complies with Texas Accessibility Standards, 502.6, that includes the requirements in subsection (a)(3)(A) satisfies subsection (a)(3).

Plan Review Services

Plan Review Submittals to Lone Star Access, Inc.  Please Include:

  • PROJECT REGISTRATION: A completed “print and mail” TABS Project Registration Form – see link at blue button –or- a TABS Project Registration Confirmation Number – such as “TABS2019xxxxxx”
  • DRAWINGS: One full size set of signed and sealed construction drawings, especially site plan, grading plan, floor plans, cabinet details and plumbing specifications.  You may submit electronic drawings and we will print the necessary pages at your cost.
  • PAYMENT: Call the office 512.238.8675 to make credit card payment, or mail a check payable to Lone Star Access, Inc. – see link to our fee schedule at blue button.
  • ARCHITECT: If you are an architect or engineer: Proof of Submission Form – see link at blue button
  • DATE OF ISSUE: Effective September 01, 2009, plans shall be submitted for review no later than the 20th day after the date the plans are “issued”.

Online Project Registration process:

TABS training videos can be found by CLICKING HERE

In order to immediately get your TABS project number and project confirmation page, you must pay the $175 project filing fee by CREDIT CARD at time of “ONLINE” project registration.

To pay by check, submit a separate check to our office for $175 made out to TDLR and we will walk this check with your filled out “PRINT & MAIL” project registration form to TDLR offices in downtown Austin.  The length of time it will take to receive your project number with this process is usually 3 to 7 days.  Please call our office at 512/238-8675 with questions.

Inspection Services

Inspection Request to Lone Star Access, Inc. Please Include:

  • REQUEST FOR INSPECTION: see link at blue button
  • PAYMENT: Call the office 512.238.8675 to make credit card payment, or mail a check payable to Lone Star Access, Inc.
  • FEE SCHEDULE: See link to our fee schedule at blue button –or- call the office for project cost over $5million
  • NOT THE OWNER? An Owner Agent Designation form if you are not the owner – see link at blue button
  • INSPECTION RESPONSE FORM: Use this form to let us know corrections have been made – see link at blue button
  • NEED MORE TIME? To request 270 days from date of inspection report, use an Inspection Response Form – see link at blue button
  • VARIANCE REQUEST: Submit a variance request to TDLR for $175 using a Variance Application – see link at blue button.  Variance questions?  Call our office, we can assist you.  When submitting, be sure to include photos or sketches explaining your variance request.

All projects are unique.
We offer
CONSULTING Services to inform building owners and professional designers of compliance requirements

Tel: 512. 238. 8675

Contact our office for information and fees regarding
expert witness and litigation assistance services


Thank you for choosing Lone Star Access,Inc.
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